‘’Inspirest’’ has been chosen for the Flower Accelerator Program

We’re excited to announce our second Flower Accelerator Program grantee ‘’Inspirest’’

Inspirest is a smart fashion ecosystem that combines new technologies with the elements of the fashion industry and brings solutions to under-service areas in the fashion sector.

Inspirest offers personalized, gamified, socialized, and more accessible fashion tools for users.

Inspirest ecosystem consists of Mobile APP, Metaverse (iMETA), Fashion as a Service (FaaS), and Digital Fashion House. Inspirest Mobile APP is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based smart catalog and social fashion application that enables users to experience a high level of fashion online. The platform brings together users, brands, stores, and stylists, integrating fashion with social life and high technology. Fashion as a Service (FaaS) is a service model in which the combination of fashion and high technology is presented to users as a digital structure. Fashion as a Service (FaaS) includes two working mechanisms: AI-based Personalization and Visualization. Inspirest Digital Fashion House develops digital designs for metaverse, games, digital events and brands, where 3D designs and models are made in the focus of fashion.

Inspirest Metaverse(iMETA) is an Artificial Intelligence-based digital fashion universe that combines fashion’s physical and virtual worlds into an immersive experience. With Inspirest Metaverse, fashion moves into a limitless, interactive, universal, and passionate phase. iMETA includes artificial intelligence based stylists, fashion events, shows, fashion houses, stores, and iNFTs. Inspirest™ is built on the focus of highly interactive, versatile, social, and unlimited pleasures. Fashionic AI transfers the limitless creativity of stylists existing in the physical world to the iMETA with AI. Inspirest™ models on the Fashion Metaverse called iMETA by learning in-depth the decision, choice, thinking, and design characteristics of stylists, fashion designers, and fashion artists living from the past to the present. Inspirest™’s iAR technology enables users to rediscover fashion by feeling and perceiving the digital universe at the iMETA. Personalized clothing, collections, and accessories will be integrated into the physical world and games and used in digital metaverse identities. iMETA has been built on the blockchain, thus ensuring the traceability and originality of extraordinary evidence.



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